Monday, October 26, 2015

Another configuration story

After struggling to get the SSIS working, talking to several people a blog entry came to rescue and saved the day:

During a SSIS instlalation I never had issues with configurations, I usaually install everything using an Administrator account. I had a local account and run the executable as Administrator, the SSIS was installed and the instance created. The problem was when using the local account to access Management Studio the SSIS instance was unavailable, using the installation account and running as administrator did the trick.
The SSIS instance was registered under the adminstrator priviledges and was unable to be accessed outsider the administrative group. The configuration was required to allow the instance to be accessed from Management Studio

Friday, October 23, 2015

Linq to SQL

Since I have been battling to figure how to use linq in the correct form and to speed up my coding, the following link is a life saver (and brain saver as well);

Downgrade SSIS 2014 to work on 2012

The answer to all of my complanig was just around the corner :)

The featured blog does not only provides a solution as well a nice simple comand line utility to execute the replacements:

Here is the list also referenced of replacements: